Recover Data from water damaged macbook

MacBook Data recovery
Steps to Recover Data from a Water Damaged

Step by Step Recover Data from water damaged macbook


MacBook Data recovery: Macbook water damage requires a professional to fix it but you may also get it repaired by your own skills . All you need to do is follow  some basic steps to work again on your macbook . While working on macbook the water is spilled you should immediately shut down the MacBook before it hits MacBook motherboard.

Steps for data recovery from MacBook:

After you detect a water spillage, you would like to follow the below preliminary steps


a. Quickly cut your Mac by pressing the facility button.

b. Disconnect any external power supply; keep the device open and put it the wrong way up .


c. If you’re using an older version of Mac, which features a removable battery, then remove the battery immediately.


How will you recover your data from this situation?


There are two basic ways to recover data from a damaged MacBook . The primary one is to take your disk drive for physical servicing and therefore the other one involves employing data recovery software. The software-based method may be a DIY approach whereas physical servicing can only be done by experts. Let’s explore both these methods.


1. Data Recovery Services


If you’re unable to restart your Mac after water damage, you’ll choose Data Recovery services. 

In this procedure, the damaged device is treated using different data recovery softwares to restore all data in an efficient way.


If you are unable to connect with the steps the enroll you query on macbook data recovery , they will resolve the query either on phone or they will collect you Mac from your doorstep

2. Data Recovery Software


If you’re ready to restart your water damaged Mac, then you’ll plan to restore the lost data with knowledgeable data recovery software for the MacBook.This is one of the convenient ways to recover data from damaged Macbook even without any professional help . . it’s also a less expensive alternative to physical servicing and may prevent a lot of your time also . Stellar Data Recovery for Mac recovers files of all kinds and formats. It’s also an efficient tool to recover data from a water damaged Mac. you’ll download Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac for free of charge and follow the steps given below to recover data from your damaged Mac.


Chances are that your Mac isn’t booting in the least after getting damaged by water. Although , the software provides a choice to create a bootable recovery drive, which you’ll use to recover inaccessible data from the damaged system. So, the primary step after downloading the software is to make a recovery drive employing a fresh USB drive then proceed to recover your data.


A. Creating a Recovery Drive:


Note:Required Usb is upto 8 GB. Please keep the USB and therefore the Stellar Activation key handy before starting the procedure. In addition , please backup all previous content of the USB, if any.


B. Using the Recovery Drive:


Immediately insert your USB recovery drive in the USB port of your Damaged MacBook 

Then, Press the facility button on it.


Hold the choice key once you start hearing the startup music. Holding the choice key will take you to the Startup Manager. Once the apple logo appears on the screen  release any key .The Mac utility will look for any drive that bootable support


Step 1: Select Recovery Drive within the next step.


Step 2: Double-click or press Return on your Selection. The machine will then start from the USB drive.


Step 3: Once the system boots, the macOS Utilities dialog will appear.


Step 4: Please select Stellar Data Recovery from the choice list and click on Continue.


Step 5: On subsequent screens, accept the License Agreement. The software interface of Stellar Data Recovery software is going to be displayed.


Follow the instructions on screen to recover all of your data, you’ll also check out the assistance button to look at the assistance manual of the software.


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