5 Things You Need To Know About Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting

Betting has been a massive part of Cricket besides enjoying the game. Some people bet just for the sake of excitement they get, while others intend to earn profits. The sports enthusiasts bet to find the match proceeding more interesting. But they do not realize that they can make huge profits at the same time just by applying their knowledge and strategizing on their bets.

Though it is a matter of luck, betting on the best websites increases your chances of earning profits. Parimatch Cricket betting is one such website available where you can bet and earn profits. Below mentioned are a few points for online CRICKET betting 2021.

Top 5 Points To Consider In Cricket Betting

  • Firstly, set a budget for your Cricket online betting. Before betting, one needs to deposit the amount, so setting a budget would ensure that you do not go broke and gamble responsibly. You will win bets and earn profits, but setting a budget ensures your upper limit of losing the money in the worst-case scenario. After the betting amount is set, divide the money according to the number of games you will bet upon.
  • Do proper research on the teams and look for skilled players before starting on Cricket betting Parimatch. Betting on your favourite team always will not make you win profits. Also, choices made on pure guesses rarely bring benefits. Put in efforts and carry out proper research. It would help if you did not have an ‘I know everything’ outlook. The more information you consider, the better your chances are of winning. Keep yourself updated on the recent announcement and insights like upcoming schedules of the team, injured players (if any), weather conditions, pitch, and latest decisions of the team. Keep in account the statistics of the players, their strengths, weaknesses, and previous records. Even the minutest detail can flip the game and help you make a better bet.
  • Having an idea about opponent teams and other players in closer range will give you better odds for winning. Do not put your money at stake just by observing the previous records of the Cricket teams. Shop for odds which you think are best. If you are unaware of betting odds, consider the example below:

If a team has odds of 1.9 and you decide to bet ₹100, your winning amount will be ₹190. 

Losing a bet means you will lose the stake amount irrespective of the odds you chose. Being familiar with betting odds determines your probability of winning bets. Accurate predictions will give you maximum profits.

  • Live Cricket betting, as the name says, lets you bet in real-time, i.e., live. You do not need to place a bet until the game starts. If you feel the situation is not in your favour, you can cash out whenever you want. This yields better chances to maximize your profits. For obvious reasons, this requires more engagement throughout the match and requires you to make decisions within seconds. It provides a better and exciting betting experience. 
  • Free bets are offered by Parimatch, where you can learn the procedure, how things work, and other factors related to Cricket 2021 betting online. The best part is you can gain knowledge without risking your money. Once you feel confident, you can start with your own money.
  • In betting, getting emotional is the worst thing you can do. Be it your favourite team or the best team on the field, if you feel even the slightest doubt while betting on them, skip it and gamble on other matches. Just keep calm, follow the facts and make your decisions accordingly. Finally, you should know that losses are a part of betting. You should always know how to respond to it. Do not trap yourself and incur further, more significant losses just to overcome the previous loss.


CRICKET is a busy season. So, there are numerous matches for you to bet on. Sometimes, you have to bet purely on luck, but still keep in mind the above points. Betting on safe and reputable platforms is a must, as the internet is filled with scammers. Parimatch online Cricket betting provides a welcome bonus, free bets, favourable odds, and other offers, making your overall online Cricket betting experience enjoyable and exciting.

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