What is the cost of ITIL Certification?

cost of ITIL Certification

With thousands of jobs in the tech sector in the United States affected by layoffs at some of the top tech firms like Amazon, Google, and Meta, IT professionals need to upgrade their skills and be prepared in case of a job crunch. 

As employment is a significant concern and the job market is highly volatile and complex, an ITIL certification can come in handy for professionals to stay ahead of the rat race. The ITIL Foundation certification course will introduce service management concepts in the IT domain. 

ITIL is an acronym that stands for “IT Infrastructure Library.” There are different levels of ITIL certification: ITIL foundational level, ITIL practitioner level, ITIL intermediate level, ITIL expert level, and ITIL master level. But, the focus of today’s article will be ITIL 4 foundational certification course, as it is the entry-level certification that helps IT professionals to plan their career objectives. 

This article will walk you through what service management is in ITIL certification and how much ITIL certification costs in India. So, if you have questions regarding ITIL 4 foundation certification, this guide will enlighten you on how to survive these times in the job market. 

What is ITIL Certification?

ITIL 4 Foundation Course in India is an entry-level service management certification course that explores the end-to-end IT service model for creating, delivering, and improving services that align with company strategy.

This module is intended to educate junior IT candidates on the fundamentals of ITIL 4 and to verify that advanced certification holders have a firm grasp of the IT framework’s foundational ideas.

What is the ITIL certification cost in India in 2023?

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a popular framework renowned for its IT services optimization. Considering that the certification can influence and be a stepping stone in an IT professional’s career, let us discuss the cost of ITIL certification in India. 

ITIL certification cost depends on various factors like location, the level of certification, the module, and the training institute chosen by the candidates. Each level of certification varies, but the overall cost of ITIL foundational certification will be around Rs. 25k- 35k on average. 

The overall ITIL certification cost = ITIL training cost + the ITIL certification exam fee. 

What are the major components that affect the cost of the ITIL certification?

The other components that affect the training cost of the certification are:

  • Study Guide: It is optional to enroll in a training course for ITIL 4 certification so that the study cost can come down to a few hundred. 
  • ITIL Practice Test: Some professional courses have a study plan with practice tests and a study guide. On the other hand, there are a plethora of no-cost study aids and sample exams accessible online. This means that professionals who prefer to learn at their own pace can incorporate an individual study plan into their study guide. 
  • Geographical Location: Certification price varies by country, and it gets more expensive as you progress through the different certification tiers. 
  • Industry-Led Trainers: The instructors are the backbone of the training courses. Qualified and experienced trainers provide knowledge over and above the study material when they take online courses. For instance, doubt-solving classes and quizzes can foster a more collaborative learning environment. 

While selecting a training module, candidates must choose courses accredited by AXELOS. Many training institutes need to be accredited with the founding body, which may not be reliable as the study content and material cannot be wholly trusted and, therefore, will be much cheaper than other online courses. 

The cost of training will also vary depending on the following aspects:

  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Industry-driven case studies
  • Industry-led classroom training sessions
  • Accredited course content material
  • Practice tests and interactive sessions
  • Doubt-solving sessions 

Who can benefit from the ITIL 4 certification?

The ITIL certification course is most suited for the following:

  • Project managers
  • Business Managers
  • Service process owners
  • Business process owners
  • IT Professionals
  • Service IT Professionals

Benefits of enrolling in the ITIL Foundational course

In this section, we will go through the salary of the certified IT professional with ITIL certification and the benefit it offers from investing in the certification course. 

  • Your efforts can pave the way for rapid career advancement.
  • Gaining this experience will boost your reputation as a competent professional with a strong track record in product development.
  • Also, the certifications help the IT team avoid unnecessary and expensive rework. 
  • Experts can advise you on how to save money and reduce expenses. Because of their ability to find creative answers to complex issues, they quickly rise to leadership positions.

The average salary of ITIL Foundational certified professionals

The opportunities in the IT industry continue to grow for ITIL professionals. According to Glassdoor, the maximum salary of an ITIL-certified professional is Rs. 13 lakhs, whereas an ITIL manager in India can earn up to Rs. 10 lakhs. 

Many variables go into determining a professional’s salary, including location, employer, and level of experience. Employees’ professional worth and credibility will rise steadily over time as they earn more and more certifications and work experience. 


The article focuses entirely on factors affecting ITIL certification costs, like classroom-led or self-paced training modules, study resources, and geographical location. An ITIL-certified expert has a leg up on their counterparts in the IT industry because of this certification. The income is also a significant perk. IT professionals with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification report higher salaries and more fulfilling careers than their peers. 

Therefore, weighing all the pros and cons of each training institute that provides the certification is recommended, as the pricing of the certificate is essential. Candidates can also wait for any discounts that websites and institutes offer. An ITIL-certified fresher as well an expert are both valuable to companies.

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