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BiluTV: In this modern era, people are always looking for websites that offer a great list of movies from different cultures and regions. It is not always possible to search for the movies and get the desired one you want to watch. To make it easier, many websites have developed sites having a variety of media contents that not only provide movies but that too in different languages and regions. 

One such proud website platform is Bilutv. BiluTV is unique from most of the other media streaming websites. Here, you will get many kinds of movies based on many aspects. If you are keen on exploring different kinds of movies from different countries, here’s all that you need to know. Go through the next section to get more information on this! There is one more site subscene that provides movie subtitles.

BiluTV: What is it? 

BiluTV is a website platform that consists of a wide range of movies and TV series. The list includes Chinese, Vietnamese, Hong Kong, European, American, Korean and much more. The website has media contents that are not pirated. 

Hence, it is easily available for anybody to access it. You would not even have to spend effort on any procedures. You can simply watch your desired movies from the website itself. 

If you have a knack for exploring different cultural movies and series, then BiluTV might just be the one for you. That being said, BiluTV also does not require anyone to create an account or pay charges to watch movies and series. 

BiluTV: Features!

The reason behind its versatility is the way the website platform is organized. The interface is very neat and easy for anyone to navigate and explore. Simply enter the URL of the website ( and then hit the Enter button. Here’s what you’ll see when you land on the homepage:

1. BiluTV Category

On the top section of the website contains many tabs or rather sections that you can set to filter out what you want to watch. Among those, one is “Category”. So, when you click on it or hover the mouse on it, you’ll see a vast list of movies and series that are categorized based on its genre and type. 

Here’s a list of all the categories:

  1. Emotional 
  2. Fiction
  3. War
  4. Science 
  5. Medical Doctors
  6. Adult
  7. TV Shows
  8. Act
  9. Music
  10. Humor
  11. Criminal
  12. Adventure
  13. Family
  14. Sports
  15. History 
  16. Stock Trang
  17. Trailer
  18. Martial Arts
  19. Cartoon/Animation
  20. Horror
  21. Cowboys
  22. TV
  23. Documentaries
  24. School
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As you can see, with the help of all the movies and shows categories, finding the right movie depending on your mood, will not be difficult. 

2. Nation 

The next feature of the website is a section called “Nation” on the top panel beside “Category”. Just as how you could select movies and series from its genre and types in “Category”, similarly you can select movies based on its region from “Nation”. Here are some nations from where you’ll get their respective movie and series list:

  1. India
  2. Europe
  3. Korea
  4. America
  5. France
  6. China 
  7. Italy
  8. Brother (British Movies)
  9. Taiwan 
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Russia
  12. Spain
  13. Australia
  14. Canada
  15. Virtue (German Movies)
  16. Japan 
  17. Thailand
  18. Vietnam
  19. Others

Based on these regions, you can explore new movies and series to watch. 

3. Cartoon/Anime

There is a separate section on the same top panel called “Cartoon” And Animes”. If you happen to be an anime fan (Otaku) then you’d be delighted to find a wide range of popular anime series and movies. 

Or, if you have kids around the house then you can go to the “cartoon” section to get all kinds of movies and series that are suitable for kids. 

And, not only can you categorize and filter out your selection of moves, but you can also search for a particular one that you’ve had on your mind. Navigate to the search bar on the top and enter the title of the desired movie. Then, hit the “search button”. You’ll get your results in a few moments. 

4. Movie Cabinet

Here’s another feature that makes the website stand out and much liked by many people. There’s a section on the website that is termed as “Movie Cabinet”. Movie Cabinet is a section where you can add your favorite movies to watch. Call it a watchlist if you may.  

Simply go to the movie or the series that you want to watch later, click on it. Then, click on the option called “Add To Cabinet” and then the movie or the series will be successfully added to the watch list. 

5. Public Forum

For every movie or series, there is a comment section where many people come to every day and discuss their opinion on the series or movies. Additionally, you’ll be more enlightened to find out more about what you’re about to watch. 

Also, the website is well synchronized with what people have been searching for. So, you will get suggestions on what movies are similar to the ones you wish to watch. 

BiluTV: Web Analysis!

BiluTV is accessed by thousands of people each day as it has become a popular go-to platform for media streaming. That being said, the website has only been a year old ever since it was developed. The current web analysis says that the traffic rank of the website on a global basis is 9,142. 

On the other hand, the overall estimated worth of the website is approximately $1,690,200.00. In addition to that, the daily income of the BiluTV website stands around $1,565.00. 

The current analysis on how many visitors come to the website is 195, 651 while for each page viewing, the numbers are 1, 565,208. That being said, the website has been indexed by Google for over 275, 000 times. And, the number of Google backlinks it has is 440, 000. 

BiluTV: Is it Safe? 

BiluTV is being accessed by many people every day. As of now, there have not been many reports that clarify it’s a potential threat. So, if you’re wondering if the website is safe or not, then yes, it is safe for browsing. 

However, you should always keep in mind that it is advisable to have security protection turned on at all times. Make sure you have an active firewall turned on to keep your system safe. Even if the website is safe to browse, you will get ads and pop-ups every now and then. 

These ads may either be just normal ads or filled with viruses and malware that the developer of the website has no clue about. 

Add BiluTV as Add-On in Kodi!

You’d also be pleased to know that you can watch movies and series in a more easy way. And that is when you get an add-on in Kodi player. If you have Kodi installed in the system then you can install an application called “SuperRepo Repository”. 

It contains multiple add-ons for Kodi out of which BiluTV is one. Simply get the add-on and then you can watch your favourite movies and shows more comfortably. 

Download Videos From BiluTV!

As you know, BiluTV is a website platform that allows you to access movies and series. That being said, there are no ways to download it because whatever media you stream, they are accessed from a central location via servers. But of course, there are other ways to download movies from BiluTV. 

All you need to do is, go to the official website of BiluTV and go to the search bar at the top. Then, enter the title of the movie or the series you want to download. Click on the result. Now, go to the address bar in the browser and copy the URL of the page. 

Now, using search engines, look out for websites that offer online videos downloading. When you find one, enter the copied URL into the “Download” field box and then hit the “Download” button. Depending on the speed of network connection and bandwidth, the video will be downloaded. 

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