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Subscene APK: All That You Need To Know!

Subscene apk is a website that delivers the subtitles of any movie you want to watch. Just like the websites that offer you to download the torrent of movies, this website offers you the subtitles for it. The site is popular among teenagers and adults and gets many views each day. To get more information on it, go through the rest of the contents below!

Subscene: What Is It? 

As previously mentioned, Subscene alternative is a popular website that many users visit daily. The site is known for its storage of subtitles. websites consist of a wide range of subtitles for popular movies. And not only do you get English subtitles but also in many other languages.  

The list primarily includes Arabic, French, Spanish, Deutsch, Danish, Persian, Italian and much more. When you visit the homepage of the website, the interface tells you that everything is easy to access as well as neatly organized. The sections are categorized so well that you can navigate to any section easily

There is a search bar at the top of the page where you can search for the desired movie’s subtitle. Also, you can make an account of yours and get into forum discussions among the community people. To make things better, you will also get a display on the screen that shows subtitles for popular movies in a section. 

Subscene also consists of subtitles for TV shows and music videos. In fact, upon searching for the desired media content, all you need to do is filter them using their genre, it’s popularity and other factors.

How Do I Download Subtitles From Subscene And Use It?

If you want to download subtitles of your desired movie or TV show from the Subscene alternative website, then here’s how you can do it using the right way!


The first thing you need to do is open any web browser and then enter the website URL of the Subscene on the address bar. Hit the Enter button after that. Once you’re redirected to the home page of the website, locate the search bar. It should be in the top section of the page. 

Now, in there, type in the name of the movie or TV show and then click on the button called “Subtitle Search”. A list of results will now come up that match with the title you’ve entered. 


Click on the result that matches your choice. You’ll have a list of results that are in different languages, arranged in alphabetical order. Select the one with your preferred language. Now, the next thing to do once you’ve selected the file is selecting the subtitle file. Make sure you choose the file that is in a green box rather than a grey box. 

Because a green box implies that the subtitles have been analyzed while the grey box implies the opposite. Then, scroll down and click on the option called “Download Language Subtitle”. The zip file of the subtitle will now be downloaded. 


Once the zip file has been downloaded, the next thing you need to do is unzip it and extract the files from it. Simply go to the zip file where it has been downloaded and then double click on it. Now, click on the option called “Extract All”. Now, when the extraction is a file, you will see a file with an SRT extension, this is the subtitle file.

Copy the file and paste in a folder when the relevant movie or the TV show is located. Now, launch the movie or the TV show using the VLC media player. In VLC, go to the tab called “Subtitle” and then choose the track. Select the SRT file from the following window and then hit the “OK” button. 

How Do I Get The Right Subtitles?

Subscene website has a wide range of media content subtitles. All you need to do is get the right one. For that, you need to choose the language of the media you want to hear. And, most importantly, you must choose the right subtitle file. 

The aforementioned line is a bit confusing, right? This is because many people have reported finding inaccuracies in the subtitle file or having faced corrupted SRT files. In times like this, go through the list of results upon searching and you’ll find the same subtitles files in many other languages or the same languages more than once. 

If you find that the SRT file is corrupted or has inaccurate audio data in it, then you can try downloading other ones from the same result. And lastly, if you are unable to find the subtitle for a particular movie or TV series in Subscene, then, unfortunately, you might not find it anywhere. 

But, to be able to not get the subtitle of a particular media is a rare sight because it has a lot of movie & TV show subtitles. 

How To Use Subtitles From SubScene And Play It On An Unknown Source Media In VLC Player? 

To use subtitles from Subscene, you’d have to search for a media content whose subtitles you want. Make sure that when you’re searching for the media content, no mistakes in alphabets are made while typing, otherwise you won’t get the relevant results. 

Now, make sure you are downloading 3 files having a resolution of BRRIP/BlueRay, 1080, 720 and 480 pixels. The resolution selection completely depends on you but it is advisable that for the time being, download all their resolution files. 

Now, launch the video using VLC media player and then go to the top section. Then, click on the tab called “Subtitles”. From the following drop-down menu, click on the first option called “Add Subtitles”. 

Or, you can simply click on the tab called “View” and then the subtitle file automatically downloads. In the following dialogue box of Click VLSub A. Now, search by the name of the subtitle, and then it will synchronize with VLC. Is It Safe?

Just like websites that provide movie torrents, Subscene is a similar platform that provides subtitles. As a result, many people visit the website daily, making the platform more vulnerable to getting attacked by hackers or third-party intruders. 

Without the website owner’s notice, the website can be used by intruders to spam users via advertisements. That could potentially be a threat to the users. Also, the website is banned in particular regions. So, if you come to find that you are unable to get through to the website then chances are, your region belongs in the list of banned areas. 

How To Visit

As you know, Subscene has some selected regions where it refuses to work. This is because the ISP (Internet Service Provider) of the said region has blocked the website from being accessed. 

Unfortunately, if your region happens to be one of them then you cannot directly access the website. However, you can try alternatives to get access to the website without any hassle, such as:

1. Proxy Servers

Proxy serves are known as a bridge between your IP address and the website that you’re trying to access. Using proxy servers would ensure the safety and security of your system. 

So, try to use Subscene proxy mirror site for the website because when you use it for connecting to a website, it will pass the traffic via the proxy server and return the data via the same server. Here’s a list of alternative proxy servers:

  • Unblock
  • Subscene.
  • Proxy of

 2. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Another thing you can try using is a VPN to access the website. VPN is a kind of network that many companies rely on, across the globe, as it offers to help you access websites that are banned in your region. 

VPN ensures that when you’re trying to access the Subscene website, then your IP address is hidden. This way the traffic passes through a virtual isolated tunnel so that the ISP becomes unable to detect your IP address. You can anonymously access anything without having to reveal your IP address. Try the same as accessing the Subscene website.

Simply access the internet and use search engines, look for the top VPN services. Do good research on them and then select the one that offers you many regional servers. Download and install it. Then, based on whichever server you want to be, select it from the list and enable it, 

You will get a sign that you are connected to a regional server. Now, enter the URL of Subscene into the address field of the web browser and hit the Enter button, You’ll see that now you can access the website without any hassle. However, keep in mind that you’d have to do the same procedure every time you try to access the website. 

How To Install Subscene-Add On?

If you have Kodi for playing media, then you should be glad to find out that there is an add-on of Subscene for Kodi. Luckily, you can get subtitles of movies in more than 50 languages. So, if you want to install Subscene add-on, do the following steps:

1. Install

The first thing to do is to launch “Kodi”. Then, go to the option called “Settings”. After that, click on the option called “File Manager” and then choose the option called “Add-ons”. Now, go to the option that says, “Install From Repository”. After that check where the official repository for Kodi is located. Then, go to the section where the subtitles are. Among them, when you find Subscene add on, install it right away. 

2. Configure

Once you’ve successfully installed the Sbscene add on, now all you need to do is configure it. Simply go to the Home menu of Kodi and then navigate to its settings once again. Now, go to the option called “Player” in settings”. From there, navigate to “languages”. Select the language according to your preference. You will get the desired language for downloading. Now, choose the TV show and movie default service and enroll to be the one. 

3. Check 

Once everything has been set, now is the time to check if it is working properly or not. Simply select a movie or a TV show and go to the add-ons. Launch the option for subtitles and then check if it is loading or not. If it does, then download the subtitle and then choose the website. Get the file from the result list. Reviews!

To get a better idea of how well Subscene has impacted users, check out some reviews posted by Subscene website users: is one of the best websites to get subtitles for any film, whether it English, Japanese, Korean, or anything else. The website had an impact on me to cross my limit of watching movies. Any film or Tv series you name it, its subtitles are there on the website. 

You need to choose subtitles based on the rating ist been given as many subtitles do not align with the time frame of the movie. But overall it is very good”. 

The website is a good place to get subtitles. You can refer to the public forum to make discussion with other people about the quality of the subtitles. Based on that you can choose which subtitle is better and which is not. It saved me a lot of time by discussing it on a public forum. But even then, I would recommend people to use the website for subtitles.

Wrapping It Up!

Now that you have a clear idea of how to make the best use of subtitles from Subscene website, get started immediately! However, if you face difficulties accessing the website or with the subtitle file, then check out the previous sections for further information.

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