Best Strategies to Play Aviator Game In 4rabet

Description: This article will introduce you to the Aviator game, strategies, and tactics. Will give you a detailed algorithm that will allow you to win. 

Information about Aviator Betting at 4Rabet

4Rabet is an international gaming platform that has been operating since 2018. It perfectly adjusts to the interests of all users and makes it easy to have a great time. Among the most fascinating entertainment is Aviator. 

Aviator Game  is a crash game that appeared on the site in 2019. Its creator is Spribe The game is based on a random number generator, so no one else but you can affect the outcome. 

Once you have enter the game, a player’s field will appear in front of you with an airplane  that is flying up. It shows the way your odds change. The higher the plane, the better, because your winnings increase. The odds may vary from 1 to 1,000,000x. But you never know when the plane will fly high up and when it will fall with all your money. During the game only the player decides when to stop. Therefore it is not recommended to get carried away and expect huge winnings. 

What is Unique in the Game?

You can only say Aviator game at 4rabet as a new type of gaming product, which gives the opportunity to thrill-seekers to get it, just from betting, which they do on this gaming portal. In addition, this interesting game project has become famous and popular because of its apparent and unfamiliar gambling effects.

The game has many features that attract players and make the game more and more popular:

• Group chat, which can be used to communicate with the other players . It helps to get everyone excited about winning by sharing their successes;

• Cashing out winnings. It is possible to withdraw money at any time. The amount is the odds of winning multiplied by the amount of the deposit;

• Analyzing. In order to increase the number of wins it is worth to make a thorough analysis of your wins;

• Viewing bets, wins and losses of other players. This will help track down the strategies that real players know. Maybe they will be useful for you;

• Two bets at the same time. This feature will help you win more times. Since even if one bet doesn’t play, the second one can cover the expense. This way, many gamers make two bets at once, and then they have time to pick up part of their winnings while the plane is flying to the end of the 2x. At the same time, the second bet may cash out immediately after the same plane gets to 7x, multiplying the stake of the player by 7 times!

• To play Aviator on your phone you do not need to download a separate application. You can download 4rabet Aviator app or use the mobile version of the site.

Strategies of the Game


It is actually difficult to talk about the rules of the Aviator game, as it is based on a random number generator. However, experienced players can keep track of some regularities that help them win real money.

Small odds strategy

For this, you need to set the auto cache to low multipliers. Small odds play more often than high odds . It is worth betting 1.5x and no more if you rely on this tactic. However, there are also disadvantages:

The game may end up at odds of 1.09x, then you can’t win;

You may get only 10 percent of the stake, which means you will have to win back a lot of times if you lose.

The strategy of medium risk

The idea is to stop at odds that are equal 2-3x. Their probability of their falling out is 40-42 percent. It means that every second game can bring you money. 

High risk strategy

Here you are taking a big risk, as big odds, such as 100x fall out once every one hour and a half hour on average. Check the winnings table for the last time such a result happened, skip an hour and start betting more actively.

Algorithm of the Aviator Game


In order for the strategies described above have worked, it is worth remembering the following in inrules, thanks to which you will win more often than you could:

1. Fix the percentage of the total amount. Bet no more than 10 percent of your deposit. This will help to minimize the risks and save your money in case if you lose;

2. Introducing hard timing. The longer you spend collecting and analyzing the tables of winnings, calculating the money that can be spent on the games, trying to understand the essence – the higher the probability of your loss, because all the efforts are not spent on the game. Observe time management in order to keep your balance;

3. Goal. Do not try to earn 99 percent of the bank in a day. Set yourself a goal to win a more realistic amount, such as 20-25 percent of the total amount in your account. Even if at one point you get lucky in every game and winnings become more than what you had in mind. Stop! Continuing playing will lead to more losses.

Supporting Players in the Game

Once a player decides to get lucky in the game Aviator, he should know that there is 24 hour technical support available for him specialists from 4rabet.  If during the game you have any problems, the support team will always help you deal with them. Come into the portal, and try your luck in the game Aviator Spribe!

Test your luck with Aviator 4rabet . Try all the tips and tactics mentioned above, find what you like and win the game more often. Good Luck!

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