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With work from home, study at home feature becoming common nowadays, many are confined to the four walls of their room. So in such a time, many would like to make their life a little bit exciting. Going on an adventure trip is the best way to unwind and relax. The adrenaline-filled adventure tours are sure to thrill and excite you and fill you with memories that last a lifetime. So if you’re raring for adventure, but do not know where to start, then read on further. There are many travel websites in India for planning your adventure, such as Artrip. They take care of all your requirements and give you moments to cherish for a lifetime. In addition, to help you make your choice easier, here are some of the top 7 travel websites in India for planning your adventure:


Looking for adventure. Then Aertrip offers a variety of places in India and abroad to thrill and excite you. It provides top holiday packages which are filled with adventure  in different locations like Himachal Pradesh, Manali, Bhutan, Nepal, Dubai, Thailand, etc


  • Easy booking facilities which provide a secure and trouble-free travel
  • Heavy discounts and amazing deals on booking flights, buses, hotels, and holiday packages
  • 24/7 support from a professional team to answer all queries

This is one of the oldest adventure tour companies. They cover various adventure tourism which has not been experienced before.


  • Trekking, climbing, jeep safari, rafting, skiing, camping, and nature walks are some of the adventure varieties offered
  • Tailor-made adventure tours to suit your exciting needs ( over 1000+ tours)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Variety of travel styles and activities

This is a joint venture. They offer various adventure tours such as Everest Base Camp Trek, Kedarnath Trek, Motorbike adventure in Ladakh, Rajasthan, etc. Based out of Gurgaon, this travel portal offers various trips organized with various alliance partners.


  • Wonderful and meticulously planned trips
  • Highly accomplished and experienced adventurers on the team to support and guide
  • A wide range of activities covered such as paragliding, hot air ballooning, scuba diving, angling, rafting cycling, etc
  • Certified by top authority for top-safety, eco-sustainability, and reliability
  • One-stop solution for adventurers
  1. COM:

This is a Mumbai-based adventure-related travel website. It offers various adventure activities to suit your needs. It regularly provides offbeat adventure tours in India and abroad such as Nepal, Bhutan, Tanzania, and Kenya.


  • trekking, walking, cycling, rafting, and camping are some activities
  • 25-Year-old company with an experienced team
  • Well-tailored itineraries and expert guides
  • Wide choice of destinations with a plethora of activities
  • Flexible durations with emphasis on safety, comfort, and unique experience

For those interested in a unique form of adventure, Flying fox. Asia offers iconic zipline tours in various places in India. Being a Delhi-based company, they provide top zip line adventures. There are four locations in India. However, except for Kikar Lodge Site near Chandigarh, the other three sites operate depending upon the season.


  • Subscribers get great deals and discounts
  • Best reviews and rating of 4 out of 5 by 98% of its clients
  • Certified annually to International Safety standards
  1. COM:

A Siliguri-based help tourism company specializing in adventure and wildlife tours. It aims to promote sustainable development by involving the local people.


  • Camping, high altitude trekking, river rafting, etc. are some of the adventures offered
  • Professional tour operator and destination management consultant
  • Promotes purposeful travel to natural areas to understand the environment without concealing actual threats
  • Supports various communities and established quality tourism destinations with unique local flavor
  1. IN:

Based out of Delhi, Inme offers outdoor adventure and challenge-based activities, especially for those between 9 and 18 years. The expedition-based programs involve camping at various sites and managing group chores.


  • Eight-day extended campus programs at any of 3 owned campuses in North India and 2 in South India
  • Unique engagement of children in outdoor and adventure programs
  • A thrilling mix of adventure, fun, and learning
  • NOLS safety certified, Aquaterra rafting partner with trained instructors


Today, whatever type of adventure you are seeking, you are sure to find one from one of the top 7 travel websites in India, which are mentioned above. Talking to an experienced and reliable travel consultant such as Aertrip will surely excite you and make you raring to go.

So start planning for your next adventure with a bit of help from the above-mentioned top 7 travel websites. So as a novice or as an experienced adventurer, you are sure to find the right adventure trip from the above list.

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