Impact of the Online Gaming Bill on the Indian Online Gaming Industry

It is completely inevitable for the Government to ban or restrict the inclusion of online games in the industry. Similarly, it is impossible for interested gamers and other Indian folks not to play profitable online games if accessible.

With the inclusion of advanced digitalization in people’s lives, the accessibility to different platforms and applications improved significantly. The numbers are as high and unimaginable after the complex phase of the pandemic. 

Online games just became the new form of entertainment to spend leisure time for many. And why wouldn’t gamers love online games? They offer tons of exciting rewards and benefits to the players. You will be amazed to know how the players’ community and the gameplay at entertain its users. While entertainment is one reason, they are also much more convenient and suit today’s lifestyle. 

Given this immense growth of online games among Indian folks and gamers, it is time for the Government to make some changes to the existing laws and protocols in the online gaming industry. No matter the minor differences, proper protocols, and guidelines enable the emergence and usage of the right channels for safety purposes. 

Earlier this year, in 2022, the Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill was proposed. It is a private member bill as an initiative to introduce a better online gaming regulatory system to maintain the integrity of online gaming. 

So, what does this new Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill, 2022 entail? 

Unlike the many gaming rules and guidelines previously mandated by the Indian Government, the Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill, 2022 defines “online gaming” as any game playable on electronic devices. So, this new Bill does differentiate between types of online games as games of chance and games of skill. 

Regardless of the category, the new Gaming Bill intends to regulate all kinds of online games under one roof. However, as much as this Bill seems inclusive, it also has a significant drawback. There is no explicit reference on how real money and casual online games should be defined. 

Making a clear-cut decision between these online game categories is essential to individuals of every age who play games on mobile phones. Proper legislation is needed to employ the new Bill in a more balanced manner. 

A particular Clause 3 of the new Online Gaming Bill, 2022, proposes the Indian Central Government set up a new Online Gaming Commission. This Commission will supposedly oversee the Indian online gaming industry and its functions. There will be seatings to create timely reports on online gaming matters. Proper permissions and measures will ensure control of the online gaming platforms. 

As per the earlier online gaming regulations in India, many “State-Issue” guidelines were regulated. It is upon the State law to govern the online games as they seem fit. If this new Bill is passed, this particular issue will be resolved, likely. 

The Bill will bring uniformity to the Indian online gaming industry despite its few ambiguous aspects. High transparency will help amend the existing online gaming regulations, improving the scope of different online gaming categories.  

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