How to Choose the Best Inverter with lithium ion battery

Inverter with in-built Lithium Battery

An inverter with lithium ion battery is one of the most modern and efficient inverter
systems out there. Even if they cost a bit more than your traditional inverter based on
lead-acid batteries, the value for money is much greater because of the energy and
power capacity of lithium-ion batteries that are the absolute best when it comes to
storing and conserving energy within the batteries with minimal loss in power and
when required they have enough power to release high energy bursts to power up
even the most demanding of applications.

In this article, we will look at a few points that you should keep in mind while
choosing an inverter with lithium ion battery to ensure that you choose the ideal
inverter for your unique power situation!


Choose an Inverter that comes with battery inbuilt

An inverter that comes with battery inbuilt is the ideal choice since lithium-ion
batteries are costly and keeping them out in the open could expose them to damage.
Moreover, having them housed within the inverter itself is a great way of saving
space. So, look for an inverter that comes with the battery inbuilt into the system.

Battery Management Features

Even though lithium-ion batteries are the best when it comes to storing and retaining
much of the energy without losing steam, it’s still advisable to look for an inverter that
comes with additional features such as an intelligent battery management system to
further increase the energy retention of the batteries. This will save you a lot of
money in electricity bills as the batteries won’t need as much charging as stock
lithium-ion batteries.

LED Display Unit

An inverter with lithium ion battery with an LED display will help you keep a watch on
the battery’s vital statistics such as charging and backup time. This will help in better
battery and backup management and allow you to extend the battery life and the
backup time that it offers.

Check The Warranty on The Inverter

Since lithium-ion batteries can easily last for up to 5 years, your warranty should
cover that time period. Anything less than a 5-year warranty on the battery is not
good enough and won’t offer you as much value as a 5-year warranty would.

Don’t Buy Locally Made Units

Lithium-ion is an expensive technology, and a lot of research and development has
gone into creating this next-gen battery system; therefore, only buy an inverter with
lithium ion battery from reputed brands since they have the knowhow to create the
best possible power backup system using the state-of-the-art batteries. You may be
tempted to buy one from a local dealer, but that could expose you to a cheaply made
battery that would neither offer you the power nor the efficiency that a lithium-ion is
known for.

Benefits Of an Inverter with lithium ion battery

Now that you know the points to keep in mind, let’s look at a few of the benefits of an
inverter with lithium ion battery!
● Smaller and compact design compared to lead-acid battery-based inverters
● Modern design aesthetics
● There is minimal loss of stored energy, and the batteries can deliver high
bursts of power
● Safest among all batteries
● Requires no maintenance
● No risk of acid spills or fumes being released

A lithium-ion battery inverter comes with many benefits as you can see, and if you
are really keen on buying one, do check out the Li-On lithium inverter from
Luminous, is a leading inverter with a lithium-ion battery that comes feature packed with
everything that we have discussed so far and gives you the maximum value for your
money. So, if you are thinking of an upgrade, do check it out on Luminous official
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