10 Healthy and delicious Diwali desserts that can be sent as a gift!

diwali desserts
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Diwali Desserts: Traditional Indian sweets are vital for any Diwali celebration, and without them, there is no complete celebration. Diwali enjoys some delightful, nutritious, low-calorie Diwali sweets for the occasion. Rasgulla, cashew barfi, chocolates and gulab jamun boxes are among the delights which make the opportunity even more cheerful.

However, while still indulging in sweets, you can keep a balanced diet. You may be able to experiment with various desserts, learn about new healthy recipes, and make some nutritional improvements. We have produced a list of ten dessert recipes as online Diwali gifts that you may share without feeling guilty of using too many calories with your family, friends and guests.

1. Laddu with different grains

Laddu is one of the unique sweets in India, and the Diwali Festival offers an opportunity to exhibit your skill in these delicious spherical balls. Multi-grain laddus may provide you with the pleasure you want without compromising your overall health. These laddus are baked with healthy ragi or jowar, which is substantial in fibre, instead of the conventional refined flour. Instead of conventional sugar, you can sweeten laddus with palm sugar syrup to eliminate additional calories with regular sugar.

2. Coconut Milk Rice Pudding

This recreates the traditional rice halwa with healthful ingredients as one of our favourite, healthy dessert dinners. This healthy rice pudding with coconut milk can produce brown rice for a more nutritious outcome instead of milk and white rice. The recipe indicates that you should add maple or agave nectar rather than sugar to the rice pudding. It is crucial to know that the fructose of agave might be high. If you wish to sweeten this deliciousness, the best choice is organic maple syrup or sweetheart. If desired, rice pudding may also be flavoured with cinnamon or nutmeg.

3. Coconut balls

Even if you are not a big lover of sweet potatoes, these delights will win you over. This three-ingredient cut, made from Asian sweet potatoes, coconut, and sugar, is made by mixing sweet mashed potato and flaky coco – extremely easy! The coconut and sugar coating contrasts significantly with the creamy and smooth texture of the sweet potato!

4. Pumpkin Pudding.

Pudding made from pumpkin and saffron is a classic Indian flavour, mainly spicy, saffron- and sugar-based pumpkin. As a party appetiser or a dessert, make these small tartlets.

5. Apple Pie.

This dish is a healthier alternative to a dessert. A cake crust made of rolling oats, fine ground almonds, brown sugar, and a small meal is a delight. While canola oil is advised for the crust in the recette, it is a safer choice to replace olive oil or cocoa oil. Apple, concentrate of juice, tapioca and cinnamon can be used to make the tarts for filling. This recipe is not complex but substantially healthier than filling pie purchased from the shop.

6. Kheer

You cannot celebrate without this delicious dessert, and without ready-made condensed milk, apple kheer is not done, but you can make it healthy by boiling fresh milk for a long time until it thickens to its consistency. This will help you achieve the ideal homogeneity without losing the dish’s nutritious value.

7. Brownies

Brownies might be seen as an undervalued dessert. However, many people still appreciate it due to its peculiar flavour and texture. Due to the rich chocolate flavour and the soft texture of these dishes, you will find yourself unpacked and devouring one brownie after another. For those who prefer not to consume large quantities of sucrose sweets, brownies can be bought as a diwali gift hamper to celebrate or as a present.

8. Halwa Carrots

Halwa is an Arabic dessert, but we’ve altered it to incorporate a number of our original variations. By steaming the carrots, you may make them healthier instead of frying them, which minimises the need for ghee and oil. You can also decrease the fat level of your drink by using a milk powder base rather than rich, thick milk.

9. Gulkand Cupcake 

Cupcakes are punchy, delectable parcels that are so easy to reach that you can’t help but always reach them! This dish creates a desire to make classic bread with rose petal preserves or a cupcake batter from Gulkand. The icing is an essential combination of milk and sugar, spiced with rose water to give it this additional shot.

10. Cake Vanilla in its purest shape.

Vanilla cake is a classic that everybody likes. There are many great dessert recipes, but that’s one of the finest! Make sure that this Diwali eats fresh, healthful foods! If you want to get your cake to the next level, attempt to add the flavour of your favourite fruit, such as fresh strawberries, to the mixture.

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