5 Ways To Check If The Leather Shoes You Are Wearing Are Genuine Or Not

    5 Ways To Check If The Leather Shoes You Are Wearing Are Genuine Or Not

    Good quality shoes in leather are something that entices everyone today. Leather shoes for men are easily available in online and offline stores, and many brands are producing and selling these shoes. With so many options and possibilities, it is natural to get confused about the appropriate leather quality and determine whether the sellers have duped you.

    • So how would you be able to find out the genuineness and purity of your expensive leather shoes?
    • How do you recognise if some shoes look at it and see their cost value?

    Here are some tips, techniques, and tricks that will help you to check the quality of your leather shoe or belt. Whether you are purchasing men’s leather belts or leather shoes for men, it becomes imperative to check the Genuity of the material as leather isn’t an inexpensive quality. If you’re investing in a good pair of shoes or a fine belt, it becomes necessary to check the quality of what you’re buying.

    Check the Flexibility

    You will feel more comfortable if the leather you are buying is tender and soft. But there is a downside to the softness as well. The softer the leather, the fewer chances you have for its durability. This can be cheaper on the pocket but check the brand and the quality before buying. Don’t go for the extreme supple leather but don’t buy the hard one as well. Maintain a balance.

    Check the Smell

    Good quality leather shoes should not smell like synthetic but should smell like a brilliant quality leather 

    Check the Sole

    The sole of the leather shoe is an important part. Many luxurious and expensive leather shoes have hidden grooves where the stitches on the sole of the shoe are not visible. Make sure that you don’t see the stitching, as it gives out a more elegant look that can be added to the final cost of leather dress shoes.

    Check the Upper Part.

    Leather shoes are smooth, and the full-grain leather is known to have the highest quality. It comes with an arrangement where the entire upper layer of the skin forms the upper part of the shoes without correction. 

    If the leather pores are visible (check using the zoom on your smartphone camera), it is probably full-grain leather. The absence of pores means that the outside of the skin has been polished or scarring has been corrected.

    Check the Label

    The genuine ones will always have the appropriate quality and type mentioned on their shoes/box, but other brands may be modest to treat it as an internal process to ensure their costs are balanced. Beware of such tactics and go for the original ones

    You Must Avoid the Following Categories of Leather Shoes That Are Easily Available Online

    The leather shoes for men will have an outsole that is not extended beyond 4mm, the standard width it follows. Also, avoid buying mens leather belt or leather shoes for men if the distance stitched from the end and the bottom are not the same. Even the number of stitches should match both the top and the bottom. Avoid leather shoes that have their soles glued to them. These are not durable and are also a bad fit for your feet.

    Beware of Wrinkles

    If you put some pressure on the leather shoes, and if it wrinkles, it means the leather is not genuine. Pure leather, when pressed, will retain its shape and adapts to the size of your foot, maintaining its rigid shape.

    The Water Tests

    Another test to check the quality of leather you wear is by dropping some water on it. Genuine leather absorbs moisture, so if the water remains on the shoe or the belt, you must know that the leather used is fake.

    High Price

    The best leather shoes are expensive because high-quality leather can be costly. Avoid the cheap shoes as you would be compromising on the quality by paying less.


    If you understand what makes the leather belts and leather shoes original, and if you apply the tests mentioned above, it will help you whenever you are trying to buy a pair. While the main focus should be on high-quality upper leather and sewn outsole, shoe prices also provide information on the costs incurred and focus on quality. Don’t go over your budget to buy pure leather, go through dil ke deals to get the best shoes.

    Be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of leather in the market and choose the best quality for yourself. Don’t get carried away by the mesmerising styles of the leather stuff available in pictures and advertisements but look for genuine leather before investing in a good pair of shoes or a suave belt.

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